JB Conseil

A fully automated task, time and reporting solution for the accounting industry.

Web, desktop & mobile

75+ automations, third-party integrations

Tech stack:
Drupal 9, React, Zoho Books

JB Conseil
JB Conseil

Understanding the challenge

A company specializing in corporate accounting required an innovative solution to streamline management processes by automating task assignments, time tracking, report generation, and billing workflows.

Finding the right solution

Our team opted to leverage the exceptional capabilities of Drupal's Queue Operations API to create more than 75 automated task allocation scenarios to fully automate task and time entries, as well as billing and invoicing processes.

75+ automated scenarios
Zoho Books integration
Responsive layout
Automated tasks allocation
Automated time entries
Automated invoicing
JB Conseil

Delivering outstanding results

Our innovative solution spared the client thousands of hours annually, enabling them to increase cash flow with reduced management efforts and focus on their core expertise: accounting.

saved in salaries annually
hours saved annually
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